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Creative Gardener's Job Description

You are a gardener of letters, pixels, sounds, moves, bits, atoms, agents and ideas

Creative fruit will grow in your garden if you allow the garden to grow it with you

Your job is not to imagine the perfect Fruit and will it into existence

Your job is to cultivate your soil and your taste

Your job is to catch the most potent seeds from the winds of life and plant them in your garden

Your job is to evolve what’s interesting, protect what’s promising and prune the rest

Your job is to breed resonance, artificially selecting among generations of ideas for what makes your soul ring

Your job is to know when to cut, shape and intertwine ideas… and when to leave them be, watching them grow or die as they will

Your job is to see what’s beautiful, and what could be beautiful

Your job is to tune the wind, the rain and the sun to the key of your most naked truth

Your job is to love winter

Your job is to cut the fruit when it’s ripe, but not too early or too late

Your job is to get out of your own way

[Rovaniemi, February 2023]

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