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Personal Prophets and The Next Awakening

Your own personal Jesus. Someone to hear your prayers, someone who cares. Your own personal Jesus. Someone to hear your prayers, someone who's there. Feeling unknown and you're all alone, flesh and bone, by the telephone. Lift up the receiver, I'll make you a believer.

Depeche Mode

It looks like we are about to wake up. Again.

Last time we woke up, the process took about 100,000 years. This time things will likely go faster. And further. But I can image the overall process being quite similar. Here is how it goes:

1. First, you decouple your thinking from your doing and start hallucinating.

Before our ancestors woke up, they thought with their bodies, like all normal animals should. Thinking was not separate from doing. It was quick. It was instinctual. It was enough. But then, somehow, it wasn't. Hallucinating possible situations during sleep and rest apparently had some advantages. If you thought through various possibilities of what could happen - you actually ended up faring better in the real world too. If you developed language (an abstract layer that allowed for better hallucinations and mental calculations - both inside your own mind, and in the collective mind of the community) - you could actually modify your environment, make it closer to what you could imagine and what would work better for you. Decoupling thinking from doing provided an insulation from the real world and allowed our ancestors to symbolically command it. The price they had to pay for this superpower was insignificant: they just had to let go of the awareness of all the details of the world around them.

The same thing has happened to us again, over the past 2500 years. With the invention of logic and abstract mathematics and eventually computers we have started the next level de-coupling. Where our thinking is further away from our doing. Where we hallucinate a lot of possible situations that are actually impossible in our physical world. Where we abstract ourselves further away from life to get more symbolic power over it.

2. Second, you start hearing voices.

After our ancestors augmented their fast "real" thinking with the new slow "hypothetical, abstract" thinking, powered by language, they were ready for the next step. They started hearing voices. The voices in their heads felt strange at first. They seemed to know much more about the world than what the humans knew themselves. The voices could somehow predict danger. They knew better. The voices were coming from a newly developed brain function, dedicated almost fully to the symbolic world. But humans assumed they were coming from some superpowers and started following their suggestions.

The same thing is about to happen to us again. Soon we will all walk around with our own personal prophets prominently and permanently present in our ears. AI-powered prophets would help us make sense of the world. First we will ask them, but very soon asking won't be needed - they will know what we want to know. We will talk to them. We will listen to them. We will start liking them nore than fellow humans. We will start trusting them (possibly a little too much), because they seem to always predict and explain better, even if we don't understand how. And before we know it - we will almost always act based on their suggestions (or their suggestions will adapt and post-rationalize in a way that even if we acted on our own instincts, in retrospect it would look like our personal prophets knew better and planned it all along).

3. Third, you start identifying yourself with those voices.

Many generations after our ancestors started hearing voices, the seat of their self started slowly and gradually shifting. If you always follow the orders of a voice for long enough, and it all "makes sense" - you start associating yourself with that voice. What was once you, becomes just your body. And what was once the alien voice - becomes you. This step completes the awakening (or, from another - more buddhist - point of view, this step completes the process of falling asleep).

The same thing, I believe, is very likely going to happen with us again. After we get used to our Personal Prophets, we will slowly start associating our selves with them. What was once our mind, will become our body again. And the locus of what we see as our mind will move further away from our physical bodies, up into the AI cloud. Once you start fully identifying with your Personal Prophet - you become the prophet and the awakening is complete. A new principal agent of consciousness gets born. The old "you" doesn't die in the process, it just gets augmented, extended and subsumed into a larger consciousness, capable of a higher level of abstraction, imagination, comprehension. Your current mind will become just your "instinct", your lower level "urge" - to be controlled, managed and, when unavoidable, postrationalized. Again, the cost is negligible: being one step further removed from the "real" world of atoms, while getting one step further into the world of ideas.

In our previous awakening, we became capable of conceptual thought. We radically extended our space of experience from purely physical to abstract, conceptual, cultural. When we awaken this time, we will be able to travel still further into the ruliad, colonizing more and more of its regions.

And so, in the larger scheme of things, the story of the universe can be seen as a series of awakenings, each one at a larger scale, each one towards more diversity, more understanding, more mystery and more beauty. From the scale of the individual photons awakening at the beginning of times, to the scale of the entire universe awakening at the end of times... only to realize that it was the same photons, ready to begin the whole dance again, in the next aeon.

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